The new My Little Austrian Friend cover of Bad Blood/Hurt


Here it is, the next collaboration between My Little Austrian Friend and DVR.  This is the second music video we have worked on together, check out below for the first.

As with the first video the new video was created on an ultra low budget.  It all started with finding the meaning in the original song ‘Bad Blood’ by Bastille (the original cover was only going to be this song, ‘Hurt was added in at a later date).  After studying the lyrics we found that the intension was that something has happened between two childhood friends and one can’t forgive and forget whilst the other wants to move forward.  This perfectly fitted the format of a duo band as we could get Izi and Lewis to play these parts.

The idea was now formed that the video would take place over two separate time periods, the past when the friends can be seen together having fun, and the present when the two would be separated.  The conclusion of the song would be the two friends finally meeting again.

The tone of the song is a lot darker that My Little Austrian Friend’s usual fair so we decided that finding a derelict building as a location would suit the feel.  The idea being that this would be a place where they used to hang out.  After researching online we found Grain Fort, an old WW2 gunner battery just offshore between Grain and the Isle of Sheppy.  There was one main concern with the location, it was only accessible for a few hours during low tide.  This meant that the shoot had to be meticulously planned, otherwise we might be stuck out to sea for several hours.

The first stage was to go and scout the location and take test shots. We actually ended up doing this twice as the first time we missed low tide, this did however show us the importance of how well the shoot needed to be planned.  So for the first trip we scouted the surrounding area such as the dummy fort and the beach.  On our successful second trip we made it to the fort only to find the only way in was by climbing up a very thin rope. Not a problem for 2 burly guys wearing wellies but not something you would want to put a band through.  Luckily the fort would be (fairly) accessible with a ladder.  Once inside we found some incredible spaces, each with their own character.  Check out the frame grabs below from the day.

With the concept in place and the location scouted it was now time to plan the shot list.  This was made a lot easier by the test footage and location scouting,  it was just a case of listening through the song and seeing what shot fitted where.  In the end we had 50 shots planned, around 30 of those were in the fort and we only had about 2-3 hours to shoot them all.  This was a great project to try out the Shot Lister app for iPhone and iPad.  This amazing app allows you to plan out your whole shooting day with meticulous detail right down to what lens you are going to use etc.  With the live time feature we were able to quickly see how we were running to schedule and were able to easily move the schedule around depending on the situation.  I would highly recommend this app for any film maker.

This brings us on to the shooting day.  The earliest time we could access the fort would be 3:30 meaning that we could get all of our shots on the beach completed first.  When it came time to filming in the fort, due to the planning we actually ran well ahead of schedule and luckily didn’t get stuck out to sea.  We will be posting some behind the scenes photos in the coming weeks so please check back soon.

Editing was fairly easy as we had already planned which shot would go where and how long each shot would last for.  The most important part of the edit was expressing the difference between the past and present shots.  Again this was planned out in advance, at the basic level Izi and Lewis were wearing different clothes.  To further enhance this we used depth of field to help tell the story.  In the past shots we used a deep depth of field to show unity and togetherness whereas in the past shots we used a shallow depth of field to convey separation.  The final step was the colour grading with the past shots showing more warmer tones with more saturation and a slight blur to make it appear as a memory.  The present shots used more cooler tones and was more desaturated to help sell that all of the colour had been sucked from their world since the pair had been separated.

We hope you enjoyed the video and this look at how it was made.  Please head over to our Facebook page to let us know your thoughts.

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